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First we listen and analyse briefings within customers’ existing and future business context and develop a facts-based design vision, concept and strategy. We frequently rely on the tested input from experts in specific fields.

We monitor and identify design trends and challenges, develop observations into strategies for sustainable, no-nonsense, easy to implement, and elegant design solutions. We like to go the last mile and partner with businesses, communities and civil society, creating a sustainable, dynamic synergy.

In our daily operations, we follow low or carbon-neutral processes using natural cleaning products, consuming energy from green sources, composting natural waste, relying on carbon neutral suppliers, using soft and/or public transport for trips below 500km.

What they say
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I can’t thank Fontana enough for their reactivity, creativity, professionalism and patience throughout our projects. We very much look forward to working with them again!

AESGP – Communication & Member Services Manager

Dans le cadre du projet de quartier MaN’Aige des habitants ont extrait des photos et des informations sur leur quartier (le quartier Martyrs) pour en faire une exposition.  Il fallait toutefois recourir à un spécialiste pour la mise en page des extraits.

Comme nous travaillons aussi avec le quartier Notre-Dames-aux-Neiges, nous avons recouru au service de Fontana Design.  Fontana Design a vraiment su mettre en valeur le travail des habitants dans un timing court.

La créativité et l’attention au détail ont permis de réaliser un beau travail avec des impressions sur bâches et des stickers à apposer au sol.  Le tout est coloré et léger, cela attire le regard, capte l’attention et est facilement compréhensible. 

Projectmedewerker MaN’AigeKarine Boussart

Fontana Design produced a series of four excellent-quality videos showing the achievements of an innovative EU-funded project. The video team showed a high level of creativity and originality which did not lower the informational value of the videos. This resulted in a large number of views on our communication channels as well as positive feedbacks.

Additionally, we appreciated the professionalism and flexibility of the video makers who made fast amendments to the videos according to our comments and who respected the different deadlines.

POLIS – Project Officer

Our partner

Yellow design Foundation is a multidisciplinary, European and interregional platform for research and information on design and visual communication. Yellow design Foundation is member of UITP and partner of the UN Habitat Urban Planning and Design Lab.

Fontana identity & design partners with Yellow design Foundation (YdF) in international projects where our designers and consultants team up with Yellow design Foundation’s urban planners, engineers and architects. Together we convert in-depth research results into comprehensive recommendations and applications for cities and stations.

“Good design makes powerful content impactful.”